Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thailand | Bangkok



OK. Last night was weird. While going through the immigration in Sydney, I met Name. Name is his name. His parents are diplomats in Australia so Name was going back home to Bangkok after 6 weeks. We exchanged friendly smiles and were off to the aircraft.

Initially, my plan was to go to Koh San road but Name suggested that I join him and his friend on a night out. I left my bag in the "left luggage" and packed few things to my carry-on. We walked out of the airport and Name's friend was waiting with a brand new, black Mercedes. I was very curious to see what will the night bring.

Even thought I was absolutely exhausted, I had to accept the offer to join these guys out. I wanted to see what a real "Thai night out" was. Half an hour latter we stepped out of the car. The name of the night club, First Class, was shining in the blue-purple neon lights. We were greeted by the valet parking staff, reserved table; bottle of black label and a Thai band on the center stage. People dancing everywhere. I felt I was in a martial arts movie.

The place was very impressive. For a moment I thought I was in some place in Washington. First Class reminded me of the old Cities restaurant/bar in Adams Morgan. Anyway, First Class was great but I was craving some good and spicy Thai food so the boys took me out for dinner/breakfast. It was pouling rain outside. The UEFA cup soccer finals were on the big screen. We were drinking vine and Thai beer. CSKA won the cup for the fist time in history.


Next thing you know, I was in the cab to Koh San road. Checked into a cheep hotel and passed out. Woke up few hours later in sweat. The room had no windows and no AC! Amazing. I guess I was to drunk and tired the previous night to notice. The following days I went to see some Thai temples, the Wat Po (huge reclining buddha) and had some amazing food on Koh San road.
Since there are some major problems in Nepal these days, I've decided to go straight to India. Now, this was absolutely amazing...

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